Financial Planning and Investment management are two separate categories within the financial industry. We have dedicated ourselves to become the best we can be to help you maximize your wealth today and in the future. That means that we are experts at a few things and will help coordinate meeting with other experts in the areas where that we do not specialize in.  We will make sure that you get a full financial plan that includes an analysis of your investment portfolios, your insurance portfolio and cash flow.  There will be more areas that become important such having the best CPA, having an updated will and trust and understanding how your property and casualty insurance works.  Many of these areas will be handled by a team of experts so that you get the best possible outcome.

What we do really well here in our Hawaii office is investment management and we will go through a systematic process that includes education, portfolio analysis, implementation and continuous ongoing coaching. Going through this process ensures that your belief system and our belief system is completely lined up and you will have a great understanding of how the markets work, where returns come from and what you can expect from your portfolio going forward.

Building a prudent portfolio is critical for your financial success and after meeting with us you will quickly realize that our work and portfolios are built around science and academia and not around random guess work.

To learn more about our process, our portfolios or to schedule a complimentary consultation please click on the contact us link.


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