Investing in the stock market is one of the best ways to build wealth for the future and it is part of most people’s balance sheets but if it done wrong it becomes a less powerful wealth building tool. One of the most important aspects of investing and often and overlooked part is the human behavior aspect.

Do you as an investor ever worry about any of the following?
Getting high enough returns on your investments?
Upholding your standard of living when you get to retirement?
Affording the right education for your children?
The next market correction/crash?
When the next market boom will happen?
Missing out on great stock tips?
Not being sure that my portfolio is the best available?
Not having enough money to take care for your loved ones?
Buying high and selling low?

If you went through these and answered “yes” to any of these questions you could be trapped inside your own dilemma as each of the questions truly represents an indication of a much larger issue around investing. Having a true investment coach in your corner can help you answer these questions and create a stress-free investing environment with piece of mind around your own portfolio.

How can money bring you piece of mind and how can a financial coach help?
Coaching will help you focus on your true values and will guide you towards a powerful vision for the future. A vision that can be used to transform your life and expand your experience of money and investing to abundance.
The results we often see when people invest without clarity and a full understanding of what they do and how their portfolio works, is fear, worry, confusion and a reduced ability to stick with the intended course of action which often leads to subpar returns and therefor lack of money for future goals and dreams.
A coach will help you through these quite complex matters and will help you to maintain the required long term discipline around the investing progression. Investing is as much and probably even more a human behavior problem than it is a portfolio structure problem.
Every investor should be able to answer some basic questions to fully gain true confidence around their portfolio. The investor should be able to answer yes to these questions but the bad news is that very few investors can answer the questions the first time they see them.
Many people end up hiring a fitness coach or a coach to help them improve their golf game and just like a coach in sports can improve your game an investing coach can help you take full advantage of the portfolio you are invested in. A coach will help you make the prudent decisions about how much volatility and what amount and type of risk you want to have inside your portfolio.
Most investors have failed by a long shot to achieve market types of returns. Based on the Dalbar Study, the average investor has failed by over 5% per year over the las 30 years.*
By focusing on getting true market returns without stock picking at all, without trying to forecast the future or trying to predict what the economy will do next we will get you invested into the optimal portfolio for your specific situation and get you a coach as well that will be there through ups and downs and make sure the right decisions are made.
To obtain a list of the” must answer questions” please contact us.

*Dalbar Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior ending Dec 30th 2016
2017-47106 7/17

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