Financial planning through science and academics

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Financial planning often comes across as an unappealing process and many individuals end up not finding the help they need. We are not only financial planners, we also act as your individual coach and will be there through all the ups and downs of the market and like a true coach we will always recommend only what is best for you and your financial future.


We are here to help you, as a main street investor, to get clarity around how the markets work and to help you build optimal  investment strategies.We want to help you steer through the often unclear and overwhelming process of investing your money. Our purpose is to help you develop discipline and to help you reach your  financial and personal goals.

Portfolio             MRI

We will run an MRI of your portfolio that will allow us to see how well diversified your current portfolios are. This will allow us get an idea of how well your portfolio has performed in regards to expected return vs. risk.  You will learn a lot about your portfolio during from this analysis and we will be able to make more educated decisions once this task has been completed.

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